Reviewers and Customers Praise TeamPage 4.0 - Cite breakthroughs in Enterprise 2.0 collaboration

November 11, 2008 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Image Since Traction® TeamPage 4.0 was released in June 2008 we're happy to report that reviewers and customers have consistently applauded the innovation TeamPage 4.0 brings to the market. When you want to be able to use wiki-style collaboration on products, plans and projects - as well as free-form encyclopedia pages - it quickly becomes obvious that you need to be able to distinguish between the 'latest stable version' of a constellation of pages and the 'work in progress cloud' created through collaborative editing.

For example, you have many people who need to act now based on pages that show the currently approved plan and budget - not the last work in progress edit. You don't have different opinions about what's the current approved budget - you need to know you can act on it. But you also want to be able to open the same pages for simultaneous work in progress collaboration among a group that can be as large as the public Web or as small as a selected group of internal employees and external customers.

Traction TeamPage is the only product that gives you the freedom to apply the simple search, linking, naming, navigation and editing model you expect in a Web 2.0 world to both the work in progress cloud (for concurrent collaboration) over the last stable version (for authoritative reference). TeamPage 4.0 goes far beyond the old file and document based content management model to deliver collaboration that works for everything that's important in an Enterprise 2.0 world - see Page and Comment Moderation. TeamPage's combination of access control, moderation, and audit trail capabilities make it possible to work together on content that counts.

Over the past year we've worked hard and smart to better understand what's actually needed to deliver on the Enterprise 2.0 vision and make it possible to use social software for line of business collaboration within and across enterprise boundaries.

We have great customers who have provided feedback, suggestions and validation - and are now placing big bets on Traction TeamPage. Several have tried - and given up on - Confluence, BaseCamp, TWiki and other players whose products and vision fail to deliver when put to the test. Traction TeamPage aims to be the simple, secure, and scalable platform of choice. We're very happy with the validation we're getting on vision and direction from last month's Traction User Group (TUG 2008) meeting and one-on-one conversations.

A Fortune 100 IT Director said TeamPage's combination of moderation, page name management and features provide "enough assurance of stability in making changes to operational documents to make people comfortable using Traction (as opposed to Confluence), while keeping the user model simple and flexible."

Reviewer comments include: "TeamPage 4 offers some breakthroughs to this challenge (emergent freedom vs. enterprise controls) via its moderation model which is likely to impact the face of the enterprise intranet architecture." (Intranet Journal), see below for TeamPage 4.0 review links.

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