24 October 2008 | Intranet Journal -- Putting Hypertext to Work for You

ImagePaula Gregorowicz wrote a thorough review of Traction® TeamPage 4.0. Gregorowicz leads off the review by presenting the challenge E2.0 systems face in an effort to provide emergent freedom while also offering control and structure:

As Enterprise 2.0 continues to come of age, one of the challenges with blogs and wikis stems from its apparent unstructured and more chaotic nature. Compared to the deep and distinct silos of the past, this new model can sometimes flirt with the other end of the spectrum -- bringing content creation and interaction to the masses at the expense of moderated publishing, meaningful revision histories, and audit ability

TeamPage 4 offers some breakthroughs to this challenge via its moderation model which is likely to impact the face of the enterprise intranet architecture. Its ability to leverage the power of hyperlinking to connect information across multiple workspaces, provide a meaningful history of content creation/editing, and do so in a permission based work environment that can be accessed in different devices on the fly packs a lot of knowledge management power into one platform.

The review highlights Traction TeamPage differentiators such as view generation, threaded discussion, moderation and audit trail / edit history. » Read More at Intranet Journal

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