3 November 2008 | Web Worker Daily: Traction TeamPage Goes Beyond Blogs & Wikis

Image Scott Blitstein's review of Traction® TeamPage 4.0 says: "TeamPage incorporates all of the standard features you would expect from a wiki / blog like linking, journaling, edit history, tagging and categorization, threaded comments and moderation. (But) It’s the advanced features that make it stand out though...The challenge for Traction is to balance a very powerful feature set with ease of use, and for the most part I think they pull this off."

Even with the powerful feature set, Blitstein had the system up and ready in less than an hour. He says: "Even though it is marketed as an Enterprise Wiki, the system isn’t inherently enterprise. It doesn’t require extensive infrastructure and has a low to moderate bar for deployment." This simplicity is just what you need to get any system deployed, whether you're Fortune 10 or fortunate to have 10 employees. » Read the Full Review at Web Worker Daily.

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