Where's Greg?

October 21, 2009 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageYou may have noticed a slow down in blog posts by Jordan and myself, and attributed that to our work for TUG 2009 Providence last week, and you'd be partially right (but it was fun - as you'll learn). You can also blame our slower blog posting to time spent on Twitter, both as individuals: @roundtrip (Greg Lloyd) and @jordanfrank and using the Traction Software corporate feed @tractionteam (which broadcasts the title and a shortened link to new content posted on TractionSoftware.com as well as original tweets).

I'll continue to blog notes that take more than 280 characters here. But for peek at what's I'm tweeting about Enterprise 2.0, KM and more with my trusty iPhone while having coffee at Seven Stars bakery, please follow @roundtrip.

ImageOn Twitter you can also follow the Traction-Software List of Traction's team members, customers and friends. See Explaining Twitter - One of Three Places for People on how I use Twitter, Facebook and Traction TeamPage every day. Update 17 Jan 2023: You can also find me on Mastodon as @Roundtrip@federate.com, see Blog3617: The Parable of the Talking Dog - Terrence Sejnowski

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