Doug Engelbart - Hyperscope Project

April 16, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

See the Hyperscope Project for Doug's newest project (supported by a November 2005 NSF Grant) to apply bootstrapping principles to the evolution of a new generation of tools.

The Hyperscope projects starts by building a Firebox browser component that replicates Augment's viewing and jumping capabilities, and aims to engage "the wider community in a broad dialog about collective IQ, bootstrapping, DKRs, NICs CoDIAK, the Open Hyperdocument System, etc."

Brad Neuberg's Coding in Paradise blog includes some great posts on his experience as a Hyperscope team member, including a record of an Augment session by Doug working from his home (I can't get the audio version to work on my Mac), and a new introductory Augment screencast (works fine on Mac and Windows). Bravo!

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