December 2010 | Gilbane Conference - Portal vs. Enterprise Social Software Panel

January 18, 2011 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Jordan Frank writes: At the Gilbane Conference last month I stood in for Greg Lloyd in the Portal or Enterprise Social Software: Which Collaboration Environment to Choose? panel with David Seuss (CEO, Northern Light) and Jay Batson (Co-Founder and VP, Acquia).

I started my talk off with emphasis by asking Why Does Enterprise Search Suck? Then I elaborated on why the social intranet, built on the basis of links and pages, can work with good search such as our TeamPage Attivio® Search Module to deliver an intranet that works. In cases, social software may be used for a given use case (e.g. project management) or it may serve as the backbone for the intranet as well.

The tail end of the talk offers examples of each case deployed at customer scenarios at Kuka Systems, Alcoa, Athens Group, Borlaug Global Rust Initiative, National Health Service and a Global Pharma.

The full set of slides is available here at SlideShare:

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