Article Templates

Getting people to collaborate can be a tall order. So why make it harder by starting them off with a blank page? Traction Page Sections and Article Templates work together to solve the problem.

Anyone entering a project space wants and needs to know what you are "doing" there. Sections roll up key content types. A team may use sections like "Status Reports" and "Issues To Do" where Intelligence teams may have sections like "Analysis" and "Intelligence Questions."

Another issue is the content itself. You may want a consistent style or format for those issue reports. And users may want guidance as well as a starting point, rather than a blank page every time they do a common task.

To create an article template in Traction, simply publish an article with the tags, title and body text that you'd like to see others use as a starting point. As needs evolve, this template is easily edited.


Next, in the section settings, you can specify to both include an ADD button and to load this particular article as the template.


When the user clicks the ADD button, a New Article window opens with the template article's tags, title and body content, leaving the user to focus on the details, rather than format and boilerplate content.


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