Traction supports Wiki style collaborative editing and edit histories for articles and comments. Once an article is posted to Traction, Edit and Edit Own permissions control who can edit the article using Traction's editing interface (see Publishing). Edit Own permission allows you to grant people permission to edit the content that they posted - but not content posted by others.

If Page and Comment Moderation is activated in a space, then you can Lock articles - and control who can lock or unlock any article as well as who can edit articles while they are locked.. You may also control who can Publish edits vs. edit articles into a draft state.

Traction keeps a full edit history and audit trails for each article and comment. The Edit History link only appears to individuals with permission to read Edit History. If Moderation is enabled, individuals who have permission to read Drafts will see the history of all Draft and Published versions. Individuals who only have permission to read Published version will only see the history of Published versions.

If we click to Edit the article created in the publishing example, it appears in the zero footprint edit form where some changes are made, and a note about the change is recorded:

Article editing form

Now, the Edit History link appears:

Edit history link

The editor form has the same controls and features as the publishing form, including Auto-Save.

Clicking Edit History shows a wiki style list of all article edits. You can select any two (in this case, only two versions are showing) to compare:

Select versions in edit history

... and the two versions are displayed, side by side, showing the changes:

Diff view

From here, you can click to edit this version, or you can Roll Back by clicking to edit the previous version.

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