Strategic, Market and Competitive Intelligence Solution

Collecting, managing and communicating intelligence information to stakeholders across the enterprise, or more privately to executive teams is a massive undertaking. TeamPage makes it a breeze.

Competitive, Strategic, Market and Regulatory Intelligence professionals provide real-time market monitoring information and predictive judgments about market and competitor behavior. They collect, classify and analyze large volumes of information from diverse sources, answering questions and creating topical reports for internal stakeholders. They also need a way to engage stakeholders in a two-way conversation. TeamPage spaces setup as communities centered around relevant topics open up the channel for discussion, questions, and the opportunity to share anything that was "heard on the street."

Intelligence Dashboards

TeamPage spaces may be focused on providing intelligence to exec teams, product managers or entire communities that focus on a market area. The dashboards for each space may include top headlines, the team's own reports, competitor profiles and sections to share intelligence or ask questions.


Read, Comment, Tag and Follow-through

Once posted, an article or other piece of intelligence information offers opportunities for follow-through. A particular paragraph, as shown below, may require follow-through so you can just assign a task, or two. Another paragraph may have key information which can be tagged. And you can comment anywhere throughout the entry too.


Great Intelligence Demands Awesome Search

You put a massive effort into gathering and sharing intelligence, information. That effort is rewarded time and time again through powerful Dashboards (as shown above) and through outstanding search with faceted drill down.

The TeamPage Attivio® Search Module adds value to your intelligence by enabling easy analysis and retrieval of the content. In the image here, you can see a quick search for "Vibram" is augmented by a drill down interface into extracted key phrases, and many other facets like Tags, Spaces, People, Companies and more.


Get the Word Out

Your work as an intelligence professional is only as powerful as your ability to get it in front of people. The email digest is released to all your users automatically every day. Each person may get different content, depending the spaces where they have permission.

So, a Product Manager may get content from market area focused spaces, where the CEO may also see the analysis and recommendations you post into an Exec-only space.


TeamPage and the Intelligence Cycle

The TeamPage Intelligence solution drastically reduces time-consuming collection, organization, and dissemination activities while adding value at every step of the intelligence cycle.

Planning: Create projects for each Key Intelligence Topics (KIT). KIT projects can be posted in a private or more open space in TeamPage. As you post primary or secondary sourced content, it's easily associated with any KIT. You can also post and followup on tasks associated with any KIT, making it easy to keep track of working objectives and assign tasks to people who are part of your team or the extended enterprise.

Collection from Published and Primary Sources: Easily capture content flowing from sources including e-mail, web content, external news feeds, or business analytic systems. For external content you can use the Social Enterprise Web module to bookmark and share pages, use TeamPage Feed Reader to automatically publish from external RSS feeds, send directly from e-mail, or for automated collection you can work with Traction Software partners like Intuli. Intuli can gather and filter information from anywhere on the web as well as monitor web pages for key changes.

Organization, Analysis, and Reporting: TeamPage records information by time and topic. Once posted, TeamPage breaks text into addressable paragraphs, so you do not have to bend over backwards to call out a reference to a competitor's new price "in paragraph 12." Comments, links and tags make it possible to: (1) thread analysis into source content and (2) make it easy for the reader to find key points within mountains of information. Apply tags to:

  • Mark items of interest such as pricing practices, market trends, competitor actions, and key intelligence topics
  • Rate credibility or relevance of human intelligence information
  • Raise alarms to program and executive teams, alerting them to critical information that may impact current programs and providing them links to relevant information required to initiate decision making process

The application of comments and tags to articles, and paragraphs within, is an act of analysis. The result is an increasingly well ordered corpus of information - and a more informed, more efficient reader.

When it comes time to write a report or answer an inquiry, the Traction Collector makes it easy to publish a new article with references to original sources.


Traction TeamPage selectively disseminates information stakeholders based on the Spaces they have permission to read. Each Spaces Dashboard has its own sections and a tag cloud. The same information can appear in multiple Spaces without duplication.

Information posted to TeamPage appears in a user-specific email digest and secure TeamPage dashboards. The automated email digest enables busy executives to remain peripherally aware of market activities without the burden of trying to make sense of and file away numerous disjointed email messages.

Using the premium search, readers search and drill down on any combination of space, tag, author, time range, and full text. With premium search, you can also take advantage of faceted navigation into automatically extracted keywords, company names, person names, locations and more.

Press Coverage on the TeamPage Competitive Intelligence Solution

Read Thierry Barsalou, IPSEN CIO, Speaks at Gilbane Conference on Content Management for an abstract of Barsalou's speech and a link to his presentation.

Fuld & Company's Intelligence Software Report 2008/2009 rated TeamPage's support for the Intelligence Cycle as Very Good or Excellent in four out of five stages of the intelligence cycle. The collective rank was better than the other 12 platforms in the report.

Image Dark Blogs Case Study #1, A European Pharmaceutical Group- From Suw Charman, writer of the Strange Attractor blog on Corante: "I'm pleased to announce the arrival of the first Dark Blogs case study, examining the use of Traction's TeamPage enterprise weblog software for a competitive intelligence project within a large European pharmaceutical group. The case study examines the reasons why blogs where chosen, project planning, implementation, integration with other business systems, editorial process, launch and promotion, training and adoption."

ImageTech Success: Weblogs help Justice take a bite out of crime - Analysts post reports, research and other materials for law enforcement officials to read. Justice Department personnel respond to inquiries posted by outside law enforcement agencies

Image Blogging the competition, Weblogs take center stage in CI - There are blogging applications, such as Traction Software, that are built with the business user in mind.

Traction Software Thought Leadership in Competitive Intelligence

At the Special Librarians Association's 2012 conference, Jordan Frank presentation covered the topic Monitoring and Leveraging Social Media Chatter, on the Internet and in the Enterprise. This talk also details intelligence use cases for the Pharmaceutical industry.

Use of Weblogs for Competitive Intelligence is Greg Lloyd's keynote presentation and paper at the The First International Conference/Workshop on Business, Technology and Competitive Intelligence, Toyko October 25, 2005.


Jordan Frank has participated as a Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) conference speaker, workshop leader, and contributor to SCIP's Competitive Intelligence Magazine.

At the SCIP 2009 Conference, Jordan Frank presented on the top of 22-24 April 2009 | SCIP Conference booth and Presentation on Tagging Strategies for CI. The content of that talk is also carried forward in the KMWorld 2009 Conference presentation Ontologies & Tagsonomies at Taxonomy Boot Camp where you can get PDF of the deck.

January / February 2006 | Collaborative Early Warning was published in the January/February 2006 issue of SCIP's Competitive Intelligence Magazine. This was co-authored with Derek Johnson of AuroraWDC as a run up to our SCIP 2006 clinic Collaborative Intelligence in Large or Growing Organizations .

En Guarde, The Art and Practice of CI was published in the January/February 2005 issue of SCIP's Competitive Intelligence Magazine. Key quote: "The swordsman must be trained to find the right balance of source information and interpret that information into actionable intelligence. This article challenges the CI community to explore the grey zone of CI to develop skills and determine where ethical boundaries lie."

Organize, Analyze, Distribute: The Enterprise Weblog was published in the March/April 2003 issue of SCIP's Competitive Intelligence Magazine . The article provides detail on the information and communication challenges faced by CI and market research professionals.

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