August 2006 | Harness the Power of Collaboration

ImageBy Miya Knights, 15 August 2006 - The market for enterprise social networking software tools is growing, with suppliers such as Traction® Software joining the likes of Socialtext in providing purpose-built tools for organizations that want to replace unstructured communication tools, such as e-mail, with something more sophisticated. They offer the granularity of control and the permissioning and workflow structure of other enterprise-scale software products...

UK delivery company eCourier is using Traction® Teampage project management blog software. The web-based dispatch firm has been using the system to speed the development process of its bespoke, mission-critical IT systems between teams around the world.

Jay Bregman, chief technology officer at eCourier, said, “We are a small, cash-strapped new company, so every penny we spent on supporting the development process was important. We started with a five-user trial of TeamPage, but now people are really used to this kind of interaction. And I have found it more collaborative and easier to use than Microsoft Sharepoint or Project software. » Read More

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