Traction TeamPage: Connected Work

The future of work: 
collaboration, conversation, identity, work product, action tracking and activity streams in context, coupled by permission-aware deep search, spanning systems of record and transactional business systems. Traction TeamPage connects people, actions, what you create or find in TeamPage, the public Web, your company's intranet and your line of business systems, simply and securely.


A question found in a customer email stored in Exchange, an issue with a new drug application filed in Documentum, a comment on a legacy document stored in SharePoint, or the S: drive of a file server, can be discovered, discussed, tagged, and tasked for follow-up action in TeamPage, without converting, importing or moving data from its original source.

This approach is affordable, practical, easy to understand, use, deploy and maintain. We use indexing and search as the bridge to seamlessly connect TeamPage with what Geoffrey Moore and the AIIM task force call Systems of Record.

TeamPage Attivio Plus leverages Attivio® Active Intelligence Engine™ (AIE) technology to provide unified information access (UIA) and deep content analysis that's simpler, more practical and more scalable than piecemeal, bottom-up integration or synchronization with each separate System of Record.

Using Traction TeamPage along with TeamPage Social Enterprise Web and Attivio Plus options, Systems of Record and the Web look and act like they are part of the same fabric, connecting people with what they create, share and use in the flow of daily work. It's as simple to understand and use as the Web – but also supports reliable permission-aware access and collaboration across all sources.

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