About Traction TeamPage Free Licenses

Traction Software's award winning Traction TeamPage software is free for up to five users. You can download and install TeamPage on your own hardware or your own hosted service for personal or business use.

  • Click here to register and download a free copy of TeamPage
  • The free TeamPage license supports up to 5 active spaces and 5 active named user accounts with individually defined permissions and identities. Spaces can also be opened to Visitors (e.g. you can open any space so that anyone on your intranet can read, edit, comment or post).

    If you'd rather start with Cloud hosted TeamPage or a larger TeamPage configuration, you can request a Free 30-day trial with more spaces, more named accounts, and options including Attivio search. Cloud hosted TeamPage starts at less than $2.50 per user per month for 25 named accounts.

    TeamPage is simple to download, install and manage. TeamPage software can be deployed on your intranet, corporate DMZ or on the public internet using a computer that supports Java server software, see TeamPage System Requirements. The 5-user TeamPage configuration is free for personal or commercial use. You can easily upgrade your TeamPage license at any time.

    Registration for a free TeamPage license also gives you a free personal account on Traction Software's TeamPage server. You can download software updates, read customer and product FAQ's, and participate in Traction's customer Forum.


    The free TeamPage license includes all standard features with one exception: no TLS encryption (https: access), or TLS encryption with X.509 certificates. Support for the free TeamPage license is strictly self-service.

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