Traction's integrated search provides up to date, permission filtered search results.

You can search by title, text, author(s), date(s), tags(s) and spaces(s). Search capabilities allow for wild cards, boolean search and even paragraph matching. All search results are automatically permission filtered - every user see the set of results they have permission to read.

This page describes standard TeamPage search capabilities. See also Traction TeamPage Attivio Search Module

You can enter a term in the basic search field or click for Advanced Search which provides many options. Traction's Rapid Selector language which allows for more complex queries.

Basic Search

In this example, the system was searched for the word Intelligence and 6 results appear.

Search results

By default, the Snippets view is displayed so you can see the text search hit with a few words surrounding it for context. However, you can flip to other view volumes like a Full view to see the full text of each article. This allows you to Read, Comment on, Label/Tag or even Collect the search results without opening every results page.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search dialogue lets you scope your search and apply boolean expressions without knowing how to write a search query in Traction's Rapid Selector language.

Advanced Search

Note: the username field will autocomplete on any portion of a user name, making it easy to select names quickly!

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