Home Page and Dashboards

Organizing by Space

You use spaces to organize content at the highest level and categories for granular organization.

Each Traction space (or project space for the Mexico skin) is a work space for blog and wiki content - including comments - status updates, tasks, projects and milestones. Each space has its own summary page, tags, web folders and access permissions. You could choose to create a content for a department, a community of practice, or topic area. Each space has its own permissions and Tags . Links between articles and comments make it easy to keep your information organized.

Configuring the Home Page

You can make your entry page as simple or complex as you need.

The Home Page for your TeamPage server (or Front Page) can display anything from a single page to a dashboard organizing information by configurable section. The page might contain manually edited links, for example, just as you might do with a wiki. You might want to display a list of recent articles and comments as you would in a blog. Or display a set of dynamic Page Sections that make it easy to display cross-sections of content.

Here is a view of a default Home Page. The Home Page for your TeamPage server shows rolled-up summaries of all content from all spaces you have permission to see. In this case, there are four spaces listed on the left. The main content area displays a Headlines section followed by a Recent Articles section.

Front page

The Front Page sections are easily reorganized. Here is another Front Page example including a customized left navigation that organizes spaces into Directories and Communities.

Custom navigation

Navigating Spaces

Clicking on a space name in the left sidebar to go to that space's Dashboard (or Newspage). A Dashboard is a roll-up of the content in that space, and may have its own section settings. The Dashboard also displays the spaces' tags (or labels), indicating how many times those tabs have been used. Clicking a tag shows articles using it.

You can use Sections to easily navigate to the content that interests you most. This example of an Engineering Dashboard includes sections for Headlines and Recent Articles, like the Home Page, but adds sections for Status Reports, Open Issues, Open Questions, Meetings, and other items of interest:

Engineering Newspage

Note: Out of the box controls provide controls you can use to customize the appearance and layout of the pages. However, you can choose different skins and even create new ones to meet your requirements. See Skin (Interface) Options and Customization.

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