Export to Word or PDF

In addition to Printing and Email Out, another way to get content out of Traction is to export to WordML or PDF format.

You can select any arbitrary set of content to produce a briefing book in either of these formats. The WordML format can be opened in Microsoft Word or any other editor that supports this standard format.

The exported briefing book can contain the selected articles, their comments and N levels of content that references the selected articles or is referenced by the selected articles.

In this case, the user picks 2 articles from their Collector and chooses to Export:

Collecting articles to export

PDF format might be chosen if the out of the box options provide enough control over the output. WordML might be chosen if you want to make edits to the final content and then store it in Word format, or print to PDF from Word.

Out of the box controls allow you to specify whether or not to include a cover page, show labels, show comments, include links back to the server or include cross referenced articles in the appendix. You may also indicate the titles for the sections, the headers and footers, and the logo image.

The Table of Contents and PDF document index shows the 2 selected articles and one article that is referenced by one of them:

Table of Contents in exported PDF

Here is a view of the selected articles:

Selected articles in exported PDF

And here is an image of the appendix with the referenced article:

appendix of exported PDF

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