E-mail Out

It's easy for permitted users to send an arbitrary collection of articles via email.

While sending an email, you can publish the message that was sent, effectively carbon copying your server with the message and links to the articles and comments it sent.

You can choose to Email Articles from any view containing one or more Traction articles, or you can Collect articles in your Collector and then choose to email them.

In this case, the user selected two articles from their Collector and chose the Email Articles option:

Collecting articles to email

The Email form appears with the articles included.

Directory integration will pull email addresses from Traction or your Active Directory or LDAP system. This allows you to auto-complete email addresses.

The user can decide if the email should include comments (including N levels of nested comments). The user can also decide whether to show tags on articles in the email.

The message body of the email can optionally be published to selected space. Traction keeps a record of what was sent to whom.

Composing the email

In this case, the user has chosen to include comments and tags. Individual comments may be removed by hovering over the comment and clicking an X that appears in each comment box.

The user also chose to Log Message Content, so the contents of the email body will be published in a selected space:

Email is logged to project

The article that results includes a list of related articles, providing active links to the articles and comments which were sent. Clicking on Engineering36: How Many Pickles in a Peck? leads you to that article, which has a link back to the article that emailed it:

Links to emailed articles are displayed

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