The Traction SDK and SDL

The Traction Software Developers Kit (SDK) and Skin Definition Language (SDL) make it easy for developers to extend or customize Traction Teampage's appearance, behavior, and connections to other systems.

Traction's Skin Definition Language (SDL) makes it simple to program look and feel extensions. Traction's Java Software Developer Kit (SDK) can be used to create new SDL tags, derive from Traction's Java SDK components, or create new authentication, notification and other components using the SDK's run-time extensible interfaces. Traction Customers have full access to the Java source code and JavaDoc of the SDK layer - including the full SDL implementation - at no additional cost.

With these tools it's possible to create Custom Interfaces, Views and Forms and Skin (Interface) Options and Customization. Traction's Plug-In Architecture makes it simple to share extensions as well as deploy and maintain them across software updates.

Traction's SDK can also be used to create new Widgets.

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