Jan 2024 | Kanban, mobile, and Web improvements

ImageTraction® TeamPage Release 6.2.70 contains Kanban and web styling improvements along with calendaring, Kanban, and Setup bug fixes, including one significant bug fix that addressed Admin problems that can occur when Server level groups are deleted. All Kanban columns and swimlanes can now be shown or hidden. New Kanban 'start fullscreen' and 'cancel fullscreen' icons make it easier to enter and exit Kanban fullscreen mode. This release also includes mobile and web styling improvements and developer support for asynchronous Proteus skin listeners. See TeamPage Change Log for a description of this release and the point releases it consolidates since Aug 2023 | Kerberos Authentication; Drag-and-Drop Permalinks; Configurable Content Security Policies; Security fixes. Please read on for a consolidated summary.



Kanban with hidden Backlog and Archive

• In addition to showing and hiding the special built-in columns, such as 'End' and 'Archive', users can now show and hide normal columns and swimlanes as well. The Kanban action (gear) menu now includes a preference to show or hide 'hidden column badges' which list the names of all currently hidden columns and similarly for hidden swimlanes. By default, badges for hidden columns or swimlanes are shown. Clicking the badge of a hidden column or swimlane makes that column or swimlane visible and that badge disappears while its associated column or swimlane is shown. See 'Backlog' and 'Archive' badges in the upper left corner of the Kanban board in screenshot above.

• Added 'Start Fullscreen' and 'Cancel Fullscreen' icons to make it easier to enter and exit Kanban fullscreen mode. The Start or Cancel Icon toggles along with the Kanban Fullscreen state and is shown above the Board. See the Expand icon to the right of the Kanban search box in the screenshot above.

Source Code Widget

• Revised the Source Code Widget plugin, which allows you to embed your program source code in your article. The new version uses Prism.js under the MIT License. Please read Forum5437 for details.


• Restored the behavior of the "Copy" button in the calendar item details dialog so that it does not copy date/time fields, such as an event's start and end date, but instead uses the copy target entry as a template. This restores parity with earlier behavior and is in line with the use case of the "Copy" button as it appears here, which is to facilitate creation of the next entry in a series of repeating events, tasks, etc.

Layout & Style

• Changed the layout of extended entry details (e.g., task assignees, priority, etc.) in half page width "Feed" volume section renderings so that they appear below the entry's title, leaving enough room for normal text layout.

• Fixed the layout of the icon and date/time indication on the in-page notifications menu, adding an appropriate margin.

Mobile Devices

• Fixed some issues that caused too much blank space to appear in half page width "Feed" volume sections on iOS devices.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug that could prevent administrators from accessing setup interfaces if all server level groups were deleted.

• Fixed a bug introduced in a recent version of TeamPage that could, in some cases, prevent all results being displayed when searching for a security principal group in, e.g., the ACL Editor dialog when clicking "Add Group...".

• Fixed an issue introduced in a recent version of TeamPage that could cause a warning to be temporarily displayed near the bottom of the page in some cases when a user hovered the mouse cursor over the heading of a single document view, or over any collapsed feed volume search result representing a file (an attachment or other file).

• Fixed a bug that prevented the account settings > Subscriptions > Notifications > Settings > "Attach Inline Images" setting from correctly taking effect when set to "yes."

• Fixed a bug that caused the user to be prompted to re-open a task whose card was moved from the Archive to the End/Completed column.

• Fixed a bug that could cause the display status (expanded/displayed/hidden) of a swimlane to be forgotten when the swimlane was edited.

• Fixed a slight mistake in the Japanese version of a warning message that appears near the top of the server settings > Network page, regarding a restart being required before the effects of some (not all) setting changes will take effect.

• Fixed a bug with that could sometimes cause an error message to be reported when viewing certain views that have embedded calendars when logged in as Visitor.

• Fixed a bug that could, in some contexts, prevent the correct Project and/or Milestone from being selected by default in the New Task and New Event forms launched from calendars.

• Added a "Wrap Text in Day-grid Calendar" user setting to facilitate optional wrapping behavior for calendar item text.

• Fixed a minor layout problem that could prevent the margins between calendar items from being correct.

• Fixed an issue that could cause calendar item titles to be duplicated when the "Display Tags in Title" setting is set to "Yes".

• Fixed a bug that could cause the default swimlane to partially appear in some cases when it shouldn't when the first normal column was added to the board.

• Fixed an error in the Japanese localization "Selected" and "Available" to be "Selected spaces" and "Available spaces".

For Developers

JavaScript Customizations

• Added support for asynchronous Proteus skin event listeners.


• Added the request.selfinduced SDL tag. This allows SDL authors to determine whether a request is running in a recursive context, such is used to generate an email digest or notification message, as opposed to a normal context (an interactive request from an ordinary client).


Mar 2023 | Improved Kanban, Social Media Sharing, Mobile Device Layout; New Supervised Signatures

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