2 Nov 2009 | Traction Software Showcases New Collaboration Capabilities at Enterprise 2.0 Conference

ImageTraction® Software today showcased three major capabilities that build on the new Traction® TeamPage™ 4.2 release also announced today. “Traction TeamPage has always gotten high marks for its capabilities from analysts, independent reviewers and some of the most demanding and innovative customers in the world,” said Greg Lloyd, president and CEO of Traction Software. “We’re happy to be in this position to listen to our customers as well as the market. Today I’m happy to show Traction’s new Proteus Google Web Toolkit (GWT)-based Web interface and Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine™ (AIE) running on Traction TeamPage Release 4.2. These new capabilities combine Traction’s proven strengths with true innovation - delivering a simple, fast and beautiful user experience that leverages Google’s great Web user interface technology and Attivio’s track record for advanced search, and industry leading innovation in content analysis and navigation. The Oracle RDB backend for Traction TeamPage is a new option for customers with mission critical applications where the ability deploy and maintain all TeamPage data in an Oracle 10g or 11g server provides outstanding ease of use for a high-availability configuration on an RDB platform that’s the gold standard for enterprise IT.” All three new capabilities are available for evaluation and developer release of TeamPage R4.2 starting today, with customer qualified releases starting this quarter. Read » full release

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