March 2015 | TeamPage 6.1 Burn-up charts, interactive tables, SDK extensions

ImageTraction® TeamPage 6.1 Spring 2015 Release focuses on improvements to the TeamPage Project Management suite, including a new "Burn-up Chart" for tracking progress; user-defined interactive tables to dynamically summarize activity; and better tools for understanding the big picture of a project or milestone. This release also includes major under-the-hood improvements to TeamPage's forms SDK to make it easier for developers to create custom forms, or customized variations of standard forms.

Burn-up Charts Track Progress

Project and Milestone dashboards now include a Burn-up Chart. A Burn-up Chart tracks the scope of work to be done to complete a Project or Milestone versus time. You can see the rate at which you're making progress, the scope of the work left to do, as well as track any scope changes, see Why I prefer to use burn-up charts for project planning. The chart is based on on the sum of hours for Completed versus Total Tasks associated with that Project or Milestone. The Default Task Estimate for Task hours can now be specified as a Server default as well as a specific number of hours for each Task.

Improved Section Tables Summarize Activity

TeamPage Sections are user-defined summaries based on live, permission-aware queries that gather and filter articles, comments, projects, tasks, milestones and other objects specified using the TeamPage Section Editor. A Section Table shows this summary as a live table with rows that can be sorted on any column. Individual rows can be expanded inline. Section Tables can be defined and added to any TeamPage article using the rich text editor.

TeamPage 6.1 gives Section Tables a visual makeover, and makes actions that add or update section table rows fully dynamic: the content change is displayed as a live update.

Section Tables are simple but powerful tools to show live business case specific summaries, in context without custom programming beyond the "power user" familiarity with the Section Editor.

Extended SDK Opens New Doors

TeamPage 6.1 introduces and uses new extensions to the TeamPage SDK for Section Tables, TeamPage Forms, and TeamPage Entry Properties. The new SDK extensions enable customer, partner, and Traction Software developers to create new forms and add new properties to TeamPage entries cleanly using the TeamPage plug-in extensible architecture. The new SDK extensions also allow customer or application specific properties or behavior to augment or replace standard "out of the box" behavior. These capabilities make it simpler to develop, adapt, or customize TeamPage for business case and customer specific use cases.

Other Release Highlights

New Task Summary - Shown in sidebar of Project and Milestone dashboards. Shows summary elapsed, estimated and percentage complete for associated Tasks, with breakdown by Assignee and Milestone.

New Space level display settings - Give finer control on the date (created, last edited, last published) and author shown for articles in a spaces.

Improved WebDAV performance - For file attachment and folder features.


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