19 Nov 2009 | Ontologies & Tagsonomies at Taxonomy Boot Camp

ImageWhile at KMWorld 2009, Jordan Frank, Traction® Software VP of Sales and Business Development led a customer panel titled What's Social About Software and co-led a talk with Christine Connors of TriviumRLG at KMWorld 2009's counterpart, Taxonomy Boot Camp. In the session, Ontologies & Tagsonomies: Linked Data, Web 3.0 Tag Mush! Christine addressed questions including: What do ontologies provide that taxonomies and thesauri lack? What is the big deal about the semantic web? What’s the difference between the semantic web, linked data, and Web 3.0 and what are the technologies that will power this next evolution of the web? Jordan explored how driven social tagging can work for or against you and then suggests tagging and search driven entity extraction strategies that can put tagging to productive work. » Click here for the PDF of Jordan's presentation.

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