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September 22, 2009 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Susan Scrupski (aka @ITSinsider) tweets Sep 22, 2009: reading a great preso by a Council member. great testimony for e20 vendor Traction Software @TractionTeam

Thanks Susan! Susan recently founded the 2.0 Adoption Council to bring together managers of large enterprises who are early adopters of Enterprise 2.0. See this 2.0 Adoption Council Intro. She describes the Council:

We are a collection of managers in large enterprises that are charting the course for 2.0 adoption. Although we may use different platforms and tools, we all share a common enthusiasm for bringing a new way of working to our representative companies. We call ourselves “internal evangelists” and some say we have one of the most difficult, yet exciting jobs in the global marketplace...
The 2.0 Adoption Council is a self-service community of passionate early adopters. From members with over 100K seats under management to members experimenting with departmental deployments, we all share a common goal of delivering 21st century collaboration and social connectivity to the enterprise. In a recent survey, our members indicated 36% are managing budgets between $500K and $1M; although another 40% is still in the planning stages and can’t assess their total budget spend.
... We are not admitting sellers of IT software or hardware products, consultants, agencies, press, or analysts into the 2.0 Adoption Council. The group exists as strictly a peer support channel for customers to help each other and share experiences. We will be launching an external community soon for all friends and fans of the global enterprise 2.0 movement.
To apply to become a member of the Council, send us an inquiry on LinkedIn and we will get back to you in 48 hours.

We're delighted that Traction® TeamPage customers are active and articulate members of this Council, and encourage Enterprise 2.0 early adopters to follow @20Adoption and join the 2.0 Council.

To hear more from Traction TeamPage customers - and two great Enterprise 2.0 keynotes - also put the 13-16 October 2009 Traction User Group Conference on your calendar!

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