Mixing Tasks and Conversations, and KUKA as the "seminal enterprise 2.0 solution"

April 14, 2009 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

A tweet from John Tropea identifies our Kuka Systems case study as the "Seminal enterprise 2.0 task based / process solution." THANKS! I can't imagine a better endorsement of a case study, or the product supporting it.

With respect to the mix of task and process in Enterprise 2.0, I think John is referring back to an excellent entry he wrote about Conversations that revolve around task objects where he elaborates on how teams get together to tackle tasks and how software should support unification of the task and conversation stream. He wrote:

In a past post I suggested some social tools designed where each task object has a conversation stream. The task object itself can have comments, but also a forum or blog post may be tagged with the object ID, so when you look at the object, not only do you see it’s own comment stream, you also see blog and forum posts that refer to it (kind of like a trackback). I believe both Traction and Basecamp do something similar to what I just explained.

The Kuka case study explains how they use TeamPage to do just that: they allow anyone to post issues, support tracking of those issues, facilitate a conversation stream that relates comments and linkage between a taskified issue and anything referring to it.

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