24 October 2008 | Intranet Journal -- Putting Hypertext to Work for You

ImagePaula Gregorowicz wrote a thorough review of Traction® TeamPage 4.0. Gregorowicz leads off the review by presenting the challenge E2.0 systems face in an effort to provide emergent freedom while also offering control and structure:

As Enterprise 2.0 continues to come of age, one of the challenges with blogs and wikis stems from its apparent unstructured and more chaotic nature. Compared to the deep and distinct silos of the past, this new model can sometimes flirt with the other end of the spectrum -- bringing content creation and interaction to the masses at the expense of moderated publishing, meaningful revision histories, and audit ability

TeamPage 4 offers some breakthroughs to this challenge via its moderation model which is likely to impact the face of the enterprise intranet architecture. Its ability to leverage the power of hyperlinking to connect information across multiple workspaces, provide a meaningful history of content creation/editing, and do so in a permission based work environment that can be accessed in different devices on the fly packs a lot of knowledge management power into one platform.

The review highlights Traction TeamPage differentiators such as view generation, threaded discussion, moderation and audit trail / edit history. » Read More at Intranet Journal

10 June 2008 | Bill Ives Reviews Traction TeamPage 4.0 | AppGap

In his review of Traction® Software's recently announced Traction┬« TeamPage 4.0, Bill Ives says: "TeamPage has been a highly rated Enterprise 2.0 platform for some time... The upgrades with Team Page 4.0 will only make it better." » Read Full Review at the AppGap

3 November 2008 | Web Worker Daily: Traction TeamPage Goes Beyond Blogs & Wikis

Image Scott Blitstein's review of Traction® TeamPage 4.0 says: "TeamPage incorporates all of the standard features you would expect from a wiki / blog like linking, journaling, edit history, tagging and categorization, threaded comments and moderation. (But) It’s the advanced features that make it stand out though...The challenge for Traction is to balance a very powerful feature set with ease of use, and for the most part I think they pull this off."

Even with the powerful feature set, Blitstein had the system up and ready in less than an hour. He says: "Even though it is marketed as an Enterprise Wiki, the system isn’t inherently enterprise. It doesn’t require extensive infrastructure and has a low to moderate bar for deployment." This simplicity is just what you need to get any system deployed, whether you're Fortune 10 or fortunate to have 10 employees. » Read the Full Review at Web Worker Daily.

2 June 2008 | GCN Lab Review: Traction TeamPage 4.0

ImageTraction® TeamPage 4.0 earns top grades for Performance (A), Ease of Use (A-), Features (A), and Value (A-) in John Breeden's GCN review: A tool for smart sharing: TeamPage Helps You Manage and Make Good Use of Wikis and Blogs. After rating the new 4.0 release with A's in all categories, Breeden concludes that TeamPage is just the kind of wiki platform which can make an impact in Government: "Beyond the important matter of permissions, TeamPage's ability to handle data is impressive. If more wikis were designed this way, they probably would be more widely used in government, either as internal tools or for public comment." » Read the Full Story

Fuld & Company Intelligence Software Report - 2008/2009 Edition

ImageWhen it comes to Collaborative Intelligence, Traction® TeamPage makes the grade. Traction TeamPage stood apart in Fuld & Company's Intelligence Software Report which rated TeamPage's support as Very Good or Excellent in four out of five stages of the intelligence cycle. Fuld's Intelligence Software report offers insight into the CI process and technology preferences of "CI Super Tech Users" and then rates 13 software platforms that are used most often by Competitive Intelligence teams.


Note: Due to a conflict of interest, Fuld & Company is no longer distributing the report.

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