US Department of Defense - Rapid Acquisition Incentive-Net Centricity

The DoD CIO CIO office selected the "Liberty Project" as one of four out of 120 program proposals for RAI-NC funding. The program aimed to determine how best to deploy Traction® Software's Enterprise Blog platform in a net-centric environment with the goal of accelerating Test & Evaluation programs. The "Liberty Project" tested night vision technology and achieved significant improvements in communication effictiveness, tighter reporting cycles, improved information availability, and lower cost to the network.

March-April 2005 | [Traction TeamPage] Weblog Technology for Acquisition Program Management links to a full case study written by two of the program participants. Another program participant delivered this presentation which includes an overview of the pilot, screen shots, and results from the opportunity analysis. The opportunity analysis results detail the following quantifiable benefits:

  • 50% reduction in time spent on electronic communications management
  • 75% reduction in status reporting process
  • 29% reduction in total ownership costs
  • 89% reduction in bandwith usage

In May 2004 | Weblogs Weave a New Communication Hub: U.S. Defense Department tests Web technology for program management tasks, program manager Tammi McVay said: “For the current application, we have several organizations simultaneously testing the night-vision technology. We needed a way to coordinate and create synergy with this project,” she says. “I would not know how to do it without a weblog.”

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