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Orient EuroPharma deployed Traction® TeamPage in the year 2005 to address critical communication issues within the company. The deployment is supported by our partner, Applied Knowledge Company, in Japan. As of the date of this case study, March 2009, the focus on internal communications, market intelligence and document sharing has thrived and spread from the IT department throughout the organization. This interview with Orient Europharma discusses their background, the problems which led them to deploy Traction TeamPage, and the benefits they’ve experienced as a result.

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Company Name / Company Overview 公司簡介

ImageOEP is a multinational pharmaceutical and nutritional company, headquarter located in Taipei, Taiwan. We also have branch offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and China. Our operation has covered several Far-Eastern countries. Our company is founded in 1982 and has over 25 years of pharmaceutical marketing experience in these territories. Our company's annual turnover is over USD $100 million. We are a public company and our shares are traded in Taiwanese Over-the-Counter stock exchange market. You are more than welcome to visit our website: oep.com.tw

友華生技醫藥股份有限公司是一間同時具有營養專業的跨國性醫藥企業,總部位於台灣台北。此外友華還有設於香港、星加坡、馬來西亞、菲律賓以及中國的分公司。友華的經營範圍囊括了數個遠東地區的國家。友華建立於1982年,目前在遠東地區的國家內已經擁有超過25年的醫藥行銷經驗。友華年度的營業額已經超過了美金一億元。友華同時也是一家上櫃公司,我們的股票透過台灣店頭市場公開交易,非常歡迎您參觀我們的網站 oep.com.tw

Problems faced by the company 公司面臨的問題

Problems before introducing Traction TeamPage 引進前的問題

Unexpected communication mistakes resulting from the use of email. Problems with email include (1) the pain and distraction of mass email messages (2) time delay in sending and receiving messages (3) mistakes in the shared information and (4) internet delays.


Expectations after introducing Traction TeamPage 引進後的結果

After initial Teampage application testing, we deployed it easily in 2005. We sought to centralize information, improve the process of capturing and timely distribution of information.

經過TEAMPAGE 的應用測試結果,如果能夠集中管理數據資料,情況就變得比較好,過程也可以順利且準時進行,同時也讓2005年的部署計畫更加容易

Selection Process and Evaluation Period 測試期間

How the technology was identified and chosen? 此類的技術如何被認同且被選擇?

We chose Teampage for our blog solution not only because its features exactly match our enterprise’s operations functions, but also because it deployed easily and has good support for team work.


How many months did you evaluate before deciding to choose Traction TeamPage? 經過幾個月的測試你才決定引進TEAMPAGE?

In the year 2005 we searched blog application options as a means to strengthen our operation in communication of documents and other information. After testing TeamPage for one month, we found it fit our needs. First we started with a 50 user license. In the second year, we upgraded to 150 users.



Internal TeamPage Promotion 推廣部門

What departments and positions author in and promote Traction TeamPage? 哪種職位需要去推廣Traction TeamPage?

The IT department initially promoted Traction TeamPage starting in 2005. Now, secretaries from all departments are key contributors.


How many people were in charge of the deployment at its introduction? 有多少人負責推廣? And how many people in charge now?目前又有多少人負責這部分的作業?

One person was in charge at the time TeamPage was introduced. Now we have three people who provide support .


Benefit 優點

What was done with Traction TeamPage to solve the problems faced by the company? 使用Traction TeamPage之後解決了什麼問題?

1. Faster communication (better than Email)

2. User friendly search with any of three ways to find information; by date, by project, by label

3. No delay in message communication

4. Centralization of Data

5. Good permission controls for administrators to allow or deny access to information

What business benefits have been obtained? 何種商業上的優點已獲得認同

Teampage is now our internal communication tool. We use it to strength our relationships across each of our departments. It is easy to access data from Teampage.

TEAMPAGE 是我們內部溝通的工具,我們利用它去強化組織內每個部門之間的合作關係,透過TEAMPAGE可以非常容易得去存取資料,省不少時間那就是金錢的事.


Barriers to Adoption 使用障礙

Did you have any problems until introducing Traction TeamPage ? 引進Traction TeamPage後有沒有遇到任何問題?

We have not experienced any problems introducing and deploying Traction TeamPage. When needed, we ask Applied Knowledge Co (AKJ) to support or we consult the Traction TeamPage documentation.


Training 訓練課程

Have you conducted Traction TeamPage training courses for your employees? 你有沒有甚麼針對Traction TeamPage的訓練課程?


Expansion of the Deployment 附加功能

How has the use of the technology evolved and branched out? 技術使用上是如何進步且拓展出去?

Yes, I trust TeamPage will be a good tool for many use cases, and king of solutions in Competitive Intelligence field.


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