Aug 2018 | TeamPage ISO 9001:2015 Solution adds integrated Risk and Improvement Project Management

ImageTraction® TeamPage 2018 Summer Release. Traction® TeamPage's 9001:2015 Quality Management solution - developed in partnership with impi! Solutions - adds integrated Risk and Improvement Project management, tracking, and reporting capabilities. This release also adds: Advanced Japanese language search; improved type-ahead search; improved built-in search; many product and developer SDK bug fixes and improvements.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Managment

Improved TeamPage ISO 9001:2015 support adds Risk and Improvement Project management to Non-Conformance and Corrective Action management, tracking, and reporting to deliver a broader, integrated ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management solution. Two TeamPage customers who tested the pre-release ISO 9001:2015 update previously used TeamPage to manage their quality documentation including Standard Operating Procedures, Work Instructions and Related content and were very happy with that - their auditors were very happy too. Both previously used Microsoft Word documents for Non-Conformance and Corrective Action Reports, and Excel spreadsheets and macros to track NC's and CA's.

The ISO 9001:2015 specification includes new requirements for risk-based thinking as well as an improvement program. Risk and Improvement replace the concept of Preventive Action in the former ISO 9001:2008 specification. With the new requirement, customers have the opportunity and motivation to re-think their current practices. TeamPage relates NC and CA reports to SOPs and also relates Threats to SOPs. From there, Risks relate to Threats. The risks are scored and, as necessary, mitigated with innovations and improvements. Both pre-release customers liked the quality-specific article types and tight relationships included in the TeamPage ISO 9001:2015 solution; both upgraded to the new solution. They said that this will save time managing and reporting on the status of their NCs, CAs, Threats, Risks and mitigation activities. One customer described the improved TeamPage ISO 9001:2015 solution as "Perfectly fitting our needs". The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management solution leverages TeamPage's unique Work Graph Model to integrate quality documentation, action tracking, reporting based on the business process improvement model created by impi.

The TeamPage ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Solution is packaged as a family of integrated Quality Management, Standard Meeting, and related plug-in extensions and templates, along with expert support to help your product or service organization work better, see ISO 9001:2015 Requirements Met By impi! Solutions. Please contact if you're interested in trying out this solution.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Examples

proteus view

proteus view

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Other highlights

  • Solr based TeamPage Advanced Search is now available for use with Japanese language articles and files. The new Solr configuration includes Japanese language tokenization rules.
  • Type-ahead completion and suggestions in TeamPage search and forms now uses Advanced Search when that capability has been installed and enabled. Queries using quotation marks to express phrase are now supported.
  • Improved background memory cleanup and garbage collection performance.
  • Improved private draft support and snippet generation for very large TeamPage articles, where each article may contain tens to hundreds of pages of content.
  • Improved TeamPage behavior with external defined TeamPage accounts (e.g. a Microsoft Active Directory server) when an invalid account security principle encoding is encountered.
  • Improved NTLMv2 logging and diagnosis of failed login attempts.
  • Added statistics gathering for open file resources; improved statistics gathering for attachment save operations.
  • Updated Apache Derby server version to
  • Improved performance of "Completed Tasks", "Total Tasks", and "% Tasks Complete" calculation for project and milestone reporting.
  • Improved Task Table performance.
  • Updated SDK support for handling fine-grain permission to erase specific versions or all versions of an entry.
  • TeamPage's web forms SDK framework now supports an "html" pseudo-field type. This makes it easy to include possibly dynamic arbitrary markup in a form. Making it a field on the client side means that it can be set up to be dependent upon one or more other fields in the form, which means that the markup can be updated when a field change. SDK support for new event types for auto-refresh, entry-update, comment-insert, comment-update, comment-save and related events.
  • Improved SDK entry filtering support.
  • Improved Project Management and Status SDK entry type class definitions.
  • New SDK Snippet tag for flexible generation and use of snippet text derived from entry text, external search engine content or other sources.
  • Improved SDK search result Highlighter tag with simplified API.
  • The release also includes many other bug fixes and general improvements. See TeamPage Change Log for a detailed list of changes in this and intermediate point releases.


Meeting ISO 9001:2015 requirements using TeamPage and the impi! model The organization steadily builds its very own Wikipedia, and it’s ISO 9001 compliant. The risk of deadwood documentation is reduced: team members create their own documentation, hyperlinking contextualizes the documentation and tagging and search capability ease retrieval of information.

Why, How and What of the impi Standard Meeting Plug-in for TeamPage A short video demonstration and customer interview of the impi! Standard Meeting plug-in for TeamPage (part of the ISO 9001:2015 solution).

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