E-Mail and IM Notification

Most users are happy with the daily summary provided by the E-Mail Digest, a permission filtered newsletter format that concisely shows all new content, and packs discussions into threads. However, other users prefer more immediate notification via RSS Feeds. E-Mail Notification, however, fits well with E-Mail habits, provides nearly immediate notification and is highly configurable so you can use it to monitor anything from all content, or a very specific search type query.

E-Mail Notification is a based on Traction's Listener and Notifier facilities. A Jabber Instant Message notifier with similar capabilities is also available as a plug-in.

Notification Examples

The following examples show notification of a new Article (a "Health Care Policy") followed by a notification that its been edited and a notification about a comment on it.

New Article Notification

The example below shows a newly published article titled "Health Care Policy" with the tag Policy. You can easily follow the links back to comment on the entry.


Edit Notification

This example shows the case where the article above has been edited. Specifically, a paragraph (highlighted in green) was added and nothing was removed. For context, the edit comparison shows the paragraphs above and below the new paragraph.


Comment Notification

As one component of Traction's exceptional support for threaded discussions, the comment example below shows the new comment and, for context, also includes quoted text to show you the text of the paragraph it comments on.


Fine Tuning The E-Mail Notifier

Each Named User on a Traction TeamPage server can access their My Account link to manage their E-Mail Digest and E-Mail Notifier Subscriptions. You can filter by:

  • Your Events vs. Other Users' events: Just use this control to get notified of all activity.
  • Spaces: Fine tune by restricting notifications to spaces you want to monitor.
  • Section: Use Section style configuration to tune notification to almost any query you can imagine.
  • Event Type: As an alternate to "by Section" Turn down the clamp by choosing which event types (e.g. New Article vs. Edit vs. Addition or Removal of a Tag) are of interest.

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